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It's good that Charlie finally found his kidney.

Very well animated, as always.

Not bad, but could be improved

The animation is decent and the art style shows promise, especially given that it's created within Flash which can prove to be difficult for artists without as much talent.

My only real thing that kept bugging me about this is the fact that the dialogue was poorly done. I'm not talking about the voice recording quality or the voice acting (although I would recommend that in the future you recruit people in SBB via the Voice Actors club to cover some of these roles, because the same person doing all voices is tricky); instead, it's the way the dialogue was written. You had an interesting idea going on, but the dialogue, including the narration, sounded very stereotypical and comic-book-ish, which is a big turnoff to me personally (mostly when Hollywood does it, though). Even if the story is within a fantasy genre, dialogue should be written the way people would say it to each other.

To use an example, if Nanaki was attacked by a remnant of Sephiroth, you don't need 3 characters talking about it like that. Instead, improvise and show the attack happening, but leave the "remnant" idea to mystery for the characters to have to find out.

Two useful keys to screenwriting that I've found by analyzing the work of others is: 1) when it comes to dialogue, pretend you are the character speaking in that setting, and write what you would normally say if you were that kind of person in that kind of setting, and 2) when it comes to knowing what to and what not to show in your production, imagine yourself as a viewer going to the movies to see your film, and ask yourself all throughout your development: "If I was watching my own film as just an average viewer, what would -I- want to see? What would I want to see in this scene? What would I want to see overall?"

Just some food for thought. I usually don't review flashes because many flash artists can take an ounce of criticism, but the reason I felt compelled to review yours is because I can see a lot of potential that just needs some honing.

Good luck in your future endeavors.

SiMpSoN-bRuVaS responds:

wow man thanks for taking all that time to review my flash best review ever xDDDD!!! i know what your saying and will use this to improve my flash work xDDD

Pretty good

I'm sure that was a lot less than 52,000,000 cards, but the ideas still the same.

Okay, anyway...

I found it kind of funny that something so simple could be entertaining. It just goes to show that not every flash has to be epic to be good.

Highly well done

I am a horror movie fan, mostly because I'm a suspense junkie. So when I say this, just know that it's coming from a fellow fan of the genre.

Your work is absolutely, without a doubt, excellent! I hardly ever write reviews for flash movies, so I reserve that for something I feel is really worth reviewing.

This piece has its own art style and form of delivery that makes it quite original. It's dark, lucid, and twisted to no end, but perfectly portrays its disturbing features.

Great work. You are truly a gifted producer.


After sitting through this, I couldn't help but think to myself:

"Jesus! What the hell is wrong with this author?"

All I can say is that I can't ignore the well-done animation in this piece. The art style showed a flavor distinct to its author and the animation was smooth and well-tweened.

However, on a thematic level, this is far from my taste, and I found it more disturbing than anything else.

Ya did a good job on the creation of this entry, but damn man, lay off the sauce.

Pretty good

The graphics were pretty good, especially in comparison to some new entries, but the walking animation I couldn't ignore. People don't really walk entirely like that. However, that's the most I'll say considering that I don't think I could really do much better with it myself.

Other than that, it was well animated and presented, as well as funny. Also, it'd probably be downright hilarious if you watch it while you're drunk.


I'll say this much: this would make an excellent screensaver (you should consider that because there are people who make flash-based screensavers).

Other than that, if it was meant to be a flash movie, then it would've been nice to see more than just the one shot.

Not a bad deal, though. The music was also very soothing.

Very good piece

This piece was very artistically done. Not only was a lot of effort put into it, but it is also utmost quality and serves its purpose.

My only complaint is that it's short, and that's not really a complaint at all; I would love to see you make a full-length feature with this wonderful style you have.

Keep up the good work.

Absolutely hilarious

I about cried laughing!


You are one fucked up creature, Krinkels. I think that's why I love you sooo much.

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