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This track would actually go very well in a dark cyberpunk action thriller.

Very dark, bassy, and well produced.

DESHIEL responds:

Cyberpunk eh? Thats the one with skeletal properties utilised in modern design right?

I very much like the composition side of this piece, as it has a lot of beautiful colors and tones to offer.

The production side, however, is a bit contrasting to the kind of piece this is. There are points where the compression drowns the synth pads supporting everything, which is okay for upbeat club-type music, but for ambient it almost feels as though it's choking the piece in that spot.

Still a great piece nonetheless!

AdubZ responds:


Perfect execution! It gets off to a slow start (which is perfectly normal for this genre), but really nails you with speed once it gets going.

For a piece as simple as this, it creates a good fast-paced atmosphere.

Reinteck responds:

Thanks for the review! Glad to see you liked it!

It's an interesting retro piece, and pretty catchy, too.

DESHIEL responds:

I'm glad that you like this. :)

Amazing 8-bit rendition of an already-amazing song!

Chronamut responds:

thank you very much Setu - make sure to check out the other versions I did!

thanks for the review!


Very well executed. The production is air-tight and amazing, and the musical side of it is phenomenal!

It's pieces like this that show a lot of artistic talent involved in metal that many haters choose to not see.

Fleshbag responds:

Thanks man, you are too kind :)
Yeah, this definitely isn't for everyone but I prefer it that way.
And more people like it than I thought.

Very atmospheric. I love your use of trills to create a suspenseful emotion within a serene setting.

I have honestly admit that, despite the less-than-perfect production side of this piece, the musical side of it is nothing short of genius! There is not a soul in the world who could metal-cover this piece better than this!

My only critique on this, which I do not count against you considering what you have to work with hardware/software-wise, is the production. The guitars come out great, and there's enough distinction between rhythm and lead. "It's your drums, Marty! Something's gotta be done about your drums!" You gave your kick drum real kick, which is what you want for metal, but there is an overwhelming pulse of lows and mids in it, which makes it come out with a muffled punch like someone's hitting you with a boxing glove on.

What you want, when mixing drums (which believe me, I've been producing digital rock for almost a full decade now, and I understand how difficult mixing drums can be) is to give your kick drum a wet punch. You can do this by giving it enough lows and mids to punch you, but give it some hi-mids to "sweeten" it up. A good example of how I believe (granted, that's my personal opinion) kick drums should be mixed is how you hear them in a Nickelback song - that is the perfect wet punch for kick drums. Of course, in metal, most of the time they're mixed mostly with less lows because they want you to hear the pulsing of the drum rather than feel it.

Mixing is, as they say, a variant discussion that differs from person to person. Despite that, though, this is an amazing metal cover of a great piece from a great game! I actually did my own orchestral rendition of this piece myself ("Warrior's Spirit Within").

Great job and keep 'em coming!

0ZeroDL responds:

Thank you very much for providing such detailed feedback, I really appreciate it. As you may have guessed from the "quality" of my recording I merely dabble in arranging and recording as a hobby. However I would still like to improve my work and feedback such as yours really motivates me to do so, so thank you.

The spiccato runs that the violas are doing behind the brassy tutti really give this a feeling of momentum. The piece, overall, feels very majestic and commanding!

Great work, Bosa!

Bosa responds:

Thank you! Everything came together exactly how I imagined, and now I feel very comfortable with making more music close to this style in the future.

Very unique and atmospheric

The mix is flawlessly compressed.

Composition-wise, the piece has a very nice atmosphere to it. The chord progression does not fall into the realm of cliche, and the melodies are quite lovely.
Furthermore, the choice of synths was perfect; there is none that creates a dissonance in the overall consistency of the piece.


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