Entry #129

On board for another feature-length film

2010-01-08 17:20:00 by Setu-Firestorm

...Only this one is a commercial film. I cannot disclose much information on the movie, so I will only say what I have said on my Facebook: this film will be a musical. Additionally, for the first time ever, my music will be performed by a live orchestra.

So yes, this has me quite excited. I had a meeting online with the director, and we have started on the songwriting process.


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2010-01-08 18:19:04

looks like the hero of time got you discovered, congratulations

Setu-Firestorm responds:

Thanks. It appears that way. =)


2010-01-09 01:45:50

Awesome, awesome, awesome!
I hope they're paying you enough.

Setu-Firestorm responds:

Yep. It's tentative at the moment, until the red tape passes, but I'm looking to make around $4000 + royalties. Good deal.


2010-01-22 17:58:28

Wow! Having your work publicized like that must feel amazing...

Best of luck!!


2010-01-26 12:59:28

Congrats on that. You're music is awesome and I'm sure that when it is performed by an orchestra, it'll be downright divine.


2010-02-01 22:04:59

Nice! Good luck with this. Maybe you could show us some videos of the orchestra when you start making the music