Entry #122

I'm now on Gaia Online

2009-12-07 16:46:29 by Setu-Firestorm

Yeah, it's been a long time coming. Maybe it's just the lack of a real social life, but I decided to join Gaia Online.

Anyone who wishes to add me, my alias on there is Aldenorai (same as my Blood Elf Priest in WoW, and my Xbox Live Gamertag).

My profile is here: http://www.gaiaonline.com/profiles/?u=

Also, don't miss the worldwide online release of "The Hero of Time" on Dailymotion.com on Dec. 14th. And a week later (December 21st), they will release TS files for fans to burn their own DVDs of the film.

December 21st is also when the Official Soundtrack of Hero of Time will be released! =D

For more info on the Hero of Time film, visit http://www.theherooftime.com/


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